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    Blagh & Rung

    There are five waves of trash mobs in this room. The bosses walk around this room so pulls must be made carefully. There are two waves of goblins, one with goblins and uruks (guards), and two groups with trolls. One troll group has one while the other has two. In all groups, guards should be killed first, followed by goblins, and then trolls (which should be tanked away from the raid). Tanks should have stun immunity when dealing with the trolls and hunters should be ready to remove poison. NO CROWD CONTROL should be used on the trolls as each CC skill used on them gives them a buff to damage. When all trash mobs are gone the raid can engage the troll bosses.

    It is important to wait till the 2 trolls have as much distance between them as possible and then the tanks each grab on and take it to the other side of their respective pillars out of line of sight of each other. With two tanks, the trolls should be aggroed when they are at opposite ends of the room and each troll is on the side of the pillars there (out of line of sight of each other). Tanks use mostly threat skills and do as little damage as possible because damage to one troll affects the health of the other. In other words you don't damage the one your skills are hitting.

    The tanks should have a couple minutes to build aggro in this way before the raid moves in. All the while, the trolls will be dropping acid puddles. The puddles hit specific targets for around 1500 damage initially and then bleed the longer the target remains in the puddle. Once hit, you will likely always get hit when the acid puddle attack comes. Each troll's acid puddle attack hits three people.

    Once aggro is established, the raid will beat on one troll until the health of the other troll reaches roughly 175k. Then the raid switches targets and hits the other troll. When the original target's morale hits 120k, the new target will start gaining damage buffs at regular intervals until the other troll dies.

    Once the other troll does die, the remaining troll takes damage normally. It keeps the buffs it aquired and it immediately drops a mushroom that puts out a big acid cloud with massive bleed damage (so melee needs to get away from this troll before the other one dies). The tank drags this troll to the wall and stays just outside of the acid cloud. The raid stays in the center of the room and shoots the troll. The tank moves back along the wall whenever a new mushroom gets put down. This continues until the troll is dead. v With one tank, the process is the same except the trolls will be together. This will enable them to hit random targets with a punt and mez. Stun immunity needs to go on the tank and healers and then anyone else that can be reached. Other than that its the same fight.

    To the Crossroad

    There will be groups of trash mobs leading up to a room with three doors. The first group is guards and goblins. AOE tank and kill the guards first. The next group is a guard with all ranged goblins. A tank charges in first, some range mobs get mezzed, and the guard gets killed first.

    When overseers start showing up, each one needs to have someone assigned (champ or tank usually) to remove corruptions from it. Overseers get killed first, then the other goblins, and then the trolls. Like trolls, overseers should not be CC'ed at all. Fumaroles are killed last when they appear.

    The Side Doors

    The door on the left leads to Zholuga. The door on the right side of the crossroad leads to Flagit and Istum. The path to Flagit is the top route while the ramp downward leads to Istum.

    Kill mobs in the same order as detailed above. When Dark-Maw Masters start appearing, keep them mezzed and save them for last or (if there are no overseers) mez one and kill one first. This means kill any trolls around before waking the Dark-Maws from their mez. There will be a large room with a huge fumarole in it along with three groups of trash mobs just before reaching the bosses.

    In two of the rooms, a group to the immediate left when entering can be avoided. Take out the other two groups before activating the huge fumarole (don't go anywhere near it). When the mobs near the fumarole are down, fight the fumarole. It will be a DPS race with a bleed debuff doing more and more damage to the raid until the fumarole dies. Once the fumarole is down you can fight the boss (except in one instance where one of the three groups of mobs will be behind it and blocking the boss chamber).


    This is tank and spank with two twists. He will call out names and put an eye over the person he calls. That person must leave the boss room and go to the righthand corner (from the inside, it's on the left when you are outside facing in) just beyond the entryway. When the eye disappears that person can come back in. Failure leads to a big AOE hit centered on the named person.

    After a while he will have a big red flash come up from the ground in front of him followed by a green bubble around him. When he has the green bubble on, he will absorb damage completely and get BIG heals from every hit done to him. Stop all inductions, cease all auto-attacks, and basically just don't face him until that bubble is gone. Then the raid can resume hitting him. When roughly two thirds of his health is gone he will say some dialogue and will start calling names more frequently. He will also get his green bubble more frequently but it won't last as long. Kill this boss quickly because he continues to build up buffs on himself and puts debuffs on the healers.


    This boss has three quirks. He punts people (360 degree punt towards him). He puts down acid puddle like Blagh and Rung but they don't target people or have the big initial damage.

    The biggest problem is he summons crawlers (which we call worms). There are four of them and they appear in the center of the room (where he is standing at the start of the fight). These must be AOE'd by a champ as soon as they appear or they will hit someone and explode for massive damage. When roughly two thirds of his health is gone he will say something and then the worms will appear from the corners of the room instead of the middle. Place one heavy armour in each corner to wait for the worms to come and kill them. They will come much more frequently than before. Boss aggro will be random at this stage and very hard to really control.


    This is a plain tank and spank fight after a point. During the begining, everyone needs to spread out so that everyone is at least 10 meters away from anyone else. Nobody hits the boss except the tank at this point.

    There are rune stones all around his chamber. When the fight starts, he will quickly get a blue bubble around him. One stone will now have a blue aura. CC/debuff classes (burg, LM, and hunter) are the only ones that can use that stone. Use it to remove the blue bubble (prevents him from summoning the little snot bubble things). Shortly thereafter he will get a green bubble and one stone will get a green aura. Only healing classes (Mini, cap, and RK) can use that stone. Use it to remove the bubble (which allows him to put contagious damage eyes on people, hence the spreading out business). Next he will get a red bubble. DO NOT REMOVE IT. Now everyone can attack him. His damage is buffed and tanks will get less aggro from taunts but otherwise it's a simple tank and spank til he dies.

    The Blind One

    The middle door of the crossroads leads to this boss. There are four groups of mobs before him. Kill overseers first, then world-eaters, then dark-maws, and then fumaroles. Mez dark-maws when possible. The last wave is two dark-maws and two world-eaters.

    Like the Zholuga fight, everyone needs to be spread out for this fight (at least 10 meters apart). However, everyone also has to stay out of the center of the room except for the two tanks (or tank and champ). Each fellowship will take one side of the room (left or right from the door) with the minnies and captains in the middle and the other classes closer to the door or the back of the room.

    When someone gets an eye over their head, anyone near them needs to back away so as not to have the eye spread to them when it disappears. This is critical for the tanks since they will be close to each other. Nobody hits the boss except the tanks.

    The Blind One will do partial aggro wipes on the tanks so that each one should have to fight for aggro. Both tanks need to save their challenges for any time that the Blind One attempts to leave the center to go after a minnie (or anyone else).

    He has a poison cloud around him that hits for 1,000 damage each time someone enters or leaves it. It also does a bleed while they are in it. The tanks should be the only ones in it since he should stay in the center of the room. The rest of the raid can auto-attack when he reaches 490k or so.

    After a while he will summon darklings. At that point the eyes will stop appearing and everyone can head to the door. BE SURE THAT NOBODY HAS THE EYE ON THEM BEFORE MOVING. The tank that has aggro when the darklings appear will continue to tank while the other one clears out. The second tank must be ready to take aggro if needed. The main tank will keep the boss slightly to the left (as seen from the door) of the little island in the room's center. Darklings in this stage will hit someone and immoblilize them, causing all their skills to grey out for a time. If this happens to the tank, the second tank must grab the Blind One and keep him away from the rest of the raid until the main tank comes back up.

    Darklings will always come three at a time. Any number of those three can appear on the island at the room's center. Any that don't will come from one of the three portals on the room's walls but only one will come from any given portal at one time. Hunters must AOE the island when darklings are there and must also ensure they watch the left and back portals since the left is closest to the tank and only hunters can reach the back portal. Champs, LM's, and others can grab the right portal whenever one comes form there, otherwise they should focus on the left and the island.

    When the Blind One hits 204k the darklings will stop coming AND there will be new adds starting to show up. They look like ghost versions of him and they can only be damaged by crowd control. While it is possible to kill them in this way, it is simpler and faster to just keep them under crowd control for as long as it lasts so that all attention can be focused on killing the Blind One.

    The other major factor in this stage is the rate of corruptions on the boss. They will keep coming fairly quickly. An order for corruption removal must be established with all the LM's, burgs, RK's, and hunters. One champ can go in to spam feral strikes at need (and a warden works wonders here as well). Everyone else must focus on doing as much damage as they can to the boss. LM's and Burgs must also watch the adds so they can mez or root them. Hunters must always have 6 focus available so they can use their corruption removal skill. Continue this process until he's dead, the adds will die with him.

    The Mistress of Pestilence

    The fight starts with four world-eaters stationed around the Mistress. Assign tanks, champs, and captains (in that order) to tank the world-eaters. The main tank should be on the back left one.

    Start killing the front left and move in a counter-clockwise motion with each kill until you reach the main tank's target and kill it as welll. Everyone then moves in close on the Mistress (including ranged classes).

    This stage is a DPS race. There are two types of snot bubble adds here. Together they damage the raid and reduce damage done to the Mistress. Only crowd control can kill them. Champs should use their horns and Sound the Attack whenever possible to kill these adds. Likewise, LM's and burgs should be doing CC against them.

    The boss will green out after a bit and waves of adds will come. The two fellowships should split up so as to split up the mobs and prevent AOE damage from killing the squishies. Champs and tanks need to AOE everything in reach to grab aggro.

    After three or four waves, the boss will become attackable again and the raid must get close to her to avoid the acid cloud that lines the perimeter of the room.

    This stage is the last. Adds will come periodically, three at a time. They will each mez a target. If the add is not killed in 15 seconds, that add's target will die. The raid must stay grouped up tight so that these adds can be AOE'd since they will not move once they have selected their targets. Kill the addss and then DPS the boss. Rinse and repeat.

    Okay so the Short Short Version wasn't that short but it's still shorter than the original posts on these raids (and more up to date). _________________ crushya - 58 guard/historian

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Preparing for Turtle
You must be lvl 60+ some exceptions can be allowed. The following are things that EACH member needs to bring with them to turtle. -Stacks of six types of potions: Morale, Power, Wound, Poison, Fear, Disease. The status ailment potions must be of the level 65 variety. - Two Battle Lore, two Warding Lore per member. -Be sure all members of the raid are properly traited. This means, in particular, that tanks must have as much melee mitigation as possible, minstrels have Rally and Fellowship's Heart, hunters have Rain of Thorns, and loremasters have their various status protection traits slotted -Please have at least 6's in all virtue traits (perferably 10's) -Please have either Ancient Dwarf Damage, or Bele dmg on your weapons You must listen and follow directions!
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